Upcoming Events: September 2014

Sun, Aug 31, 2014

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In addition to the many ongoing regular activities of our missionaries, there are a couple of special events we’d like to highlight for you during the month of September!

Suburb Festival in Volkmarsdorf, Leipzig, Germany; Saturday, September 13: The suburb of Volkmarsdorf, where The Selbständige Evangelische Lutherische Kirche (SELK) and the Lutherische Kirchen Mission (LKM) work to serve migrants and the underserved of Germany society, will have a suburb festival this day. These festivals are large community events. Members and pastors, as well as SELK missionary Rev. Hugo Gevers, will be present at the event. Die Brücke, the meeting house that SELK church St. Trinitatisgemeinde and LKM sponsor, will be open, and members will work to engage the community, proclaim the Gospel and raise awareness of their work.

  • Pray that the opportunity to meet the people of Volkmarsdorf would create further opportunities for proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Please ask your Pastor to add this to the Prayers of the Church for Sunday, September 7, 2014.
Lukaskirche, Volkmarsorf, Leipzig, Germany

Lukaskirche, Volkmarsorf, Leipzig, Germany

Interkulturelle Woche, Leipzig, Germany; September 26: During the city-wide intercultural week in Leipzig, Germany, St. Trinitatisgemeinde will sponsor an event coinciding with the themes of the week. Due to the congregation’s work with migrants and refugees from places such as Iran and Syria, the congregation will open the doors of Lukaskirche and there present information and show pictures concerning the theme “refugees.” This event will be published in the city’s flyer concerning all the events for the week, as well as in the local newspapers. The hope is to raise awareness of the congregation’s work in greater Leipzig society.

  • Pray for many interested citizens to attend the talk and become interested in the work.
  • Pray for opportunities to proclaim the Gospel during the presentation and beyond.
  • Ask your pastor to add this event to the Prayers of the Church for Sunday, September 20.

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