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Mon, Aug 26, 2013

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The stained glass window above the main entrance of Lukaskirche.

The stained glass window above the main entrance of Lukaskirche.


Selbstandige Evangelisch – Lutherische Kirche (SELK) Sprengelsängerfest, September 21-22 in Leipzig, Germany

The 2013 Sprengelsängerfest of the SELK Saxon-Thuringian Diocese will take place 21-22 September at Lukaskirche in Leipzig-Volkmarsdorf, under the direction of Mr. Georg Mogwitz, diocesan Kantor.  Along with the renowned choral ensemble Ostinato, a full ensemble of choir members throughout the Saxon-Thuringian Diocese will participate under Kantor Mogwitz’s direction.  Under the theme “Lobe den Herrn meine Seele” (“Praise the Lord, My Soul”), taken from Psalm 103, works by Fasch, M. Praetorius, Mendelssohn, Schütz, Vaughan Willams, Zipp, Buxtehude, and Rehle will be performed.

The two scheduled performances will bracket a Sunday Festgottesdienst (“festival Divine Service”) occurring at Lukaskirche by St. Trinitatisgemeinde in Leipzig, the SELK congregation currently engaged in evangelization efforts in Leipzig for which LCMS Strategic Mission Developer, Rev. Dr. Christopher S. Ahlman, is currently serving as Assistant Pastor.  It is hoped that this event will add momentum to St. Trinitatisgemeinde‘s work out of Lukaskirche, attracting many in Volkmarsdorf and greater Leipzig to the Gospel of Christ.

~This upcoming event was provided by Rev. Dr. Christopher S. Ahlman


2013 European Lutheran Chaplains’ Professional Development Training Seminar, September 30-October 4 in Garmish, Germany

The Ministry to the Armed Forces, the LCMS’ organization for chaplains of the U.S. Army, has invited several Eurasia missionaries to join the chaplains in a continuing education opportunity in Garmisch, Bavaria, Germany. They will be offering a Professional Development Training Seminar led by the Rev. Dr. David Schmitt, a professor in the Practical Department at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO. Dr. Schmitt holds the Gregg H. Benidt Memorial Endowed Chair in Homiletics and Literature. This position includes teaching courses on homiletics (preaching) and literature, as well as assisting the church-at-large through speaking engagements, writing, and offering workshops. The seminar will offer participants in depth continuing study into the preaching craft, as well as further developing their communication skills. This is required continuing education for LCMS chaplains. For the Eurasia missionaries attending, the seminar will be of benefit to their personal preaching practices and study, while also acting as continuing education as mandated by the latest Synodical Convention (Resolution 5-08A, 2013).

The goal of the seminar is to continue to develop preaching proficiency and communication for all of the participants. This will allow them to better proclaim the Gospel, the primary work of all pastors whether they are in the parish, the Armed Forces, or the mission field. The Eurasia participants are honored to join the LCMS Chaplains of the U.S. Armed Forces and look forward to this opportunity to enhance their proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for all people.

  • Pray for these events!
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