Upcoming Events for October 2014

Thu, Oct 2, 2014

Germany, Russia

Rev. Dr. Christopher S. Ahlman in Gatchina, Russia in October 2013.

Rev. Dr. Christopher S. Ahlman in Gatchina, Russia in October 2013.

October 13-19, Recital and Lecture Tour of Rev. Dr. Christopher S. Ahlman, Russia: Strategic Mission Developer and Area Music Program Coordinator, Rev. Ahlman, will travel to Russia to present a series of lectures and recitals concerning Bach and the 300th Anniversary of his “Orgelbuchlein” (little organ book). This book was meant as a beginning teaching tool for organists, and was distinctive for teaching students to use the pedal board as obligatory, rather than as optional. Its content is largely and intentionally sacred. Rev. Ahlman will be working with LCMS partner church body, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia and using the lectures and recitals to not only teach about Bach, but to proclaim the Gospel Bach so beautifully set to music.

  • Pray for safe travels to and from Leipzig, where Rev. Ahlman is based.
  • Pray that those who hear the recitals and lectures would be strengthened in the faith or hear the Gospel clearly for perhaps the first time!
  • Please ask your pastor to add Rev. Ahlman’s trip to the Prayers of the Church for Sunday, October 12, 2014.

Here is a video of one of the recitals from last year:

October 19, Lukaskirche, Leipzig, Final “Letter of Christ” Seminar: The final seminar in the “Letter of Christ” series hosted by St. Trinitatisgemeinde, Leipzig, will take place in Lukaskirche on Sunday, October 19. The seminars have served to bolster the congregation’s resolve to lease Lukaskirche from the State Church in order to better serve Volkmarsdorf and greater Leipzig with acts of mercy, but especially with the proclamation of the Gospel. The seminars allow members to discuss the Scriptures and how God has made us all a “letter of Christ.”

  • Read about previous seminars here and here.
  • Read a devotion based on the seminar’s theme verse, 2 Corinthians 3:3.
  • Ask your paster to add this event to the prayers of the church for Sunday, October 12, 2014. Pray that the congregation would be strengthened for the envisioned work through the study of the Scriptures together.

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