Special Prayer Request for Missionary Rev. Hugo Gevers

Fri, Sep 20, 2013

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Rev. Hugo Gevers

Rev. Hugo Gevers talks outside St. Luke’s Church in Leipzig, Germany.

Missionary Rev. Hugo Gevers is serving the Lord through the Lutherische Kirchenmission, Bleckmar Mission in Leipzig and Berlin, Germany. Rev. Gevers works with LCMS missionary Rev. Dr. Christopher S. Ahlman in proclaiming the Gospel to the people of Volkmarsdorf, Leipzig, Germany. Pastor Gevers’ specific call is to Persian immigrants in Germany, proclaiming the Gospel to the many immigrants who have come here from Muslim areas. Pastor Gevers’ work also takes place in Berlin, Germany.

Last month, after traveling in the US to meet with members of the LCMS, Rev. Gevers experienced some physical difficulties with lifting his feet. This prompted him to visit the doctor. They found that he had bleeding in his brain from a very slow bleed, probably the result of a bicycling accident earlier in the summer. Pastor Gevers had to have brain surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the damage. He is now in recovery at a rehabilitation center near Leipzig.

Pastor Gevers’ current recovery is truly miraculous. He notes that “by medicinal standards I should not have been up, running [walking] and talking right now.”

We in the Eurasia Region covet your prayers for our dear friend and colleague as he continues to recover from his surgery. Please give thanks to the Lord for the good work of the doctors and nurses so far, and for the fact that he has already been so blessed in his recovery from this very dangerous condition. Please continue to pray for a full recovery, and for the wisdom to take that recovery slowly, step by step. Pastor Gevers also asks that we pray “that I could be back to normal very soon and that the work in Berlin and Leipzig may continue to be blessed.” Pray for the God of all healing to heal Pastor Gevers fully so that he may continue to proclaim the Gospel!

Additionally, please pray for Pastor Gevers’ family as they participate in his care and recovery, and as they are concerned for their loved one. His wife, is Jutta, and his children are Thomas and Phillipp.

Pastor Gevers should be able to return home from the rehabilitation center sometime next week should his progress continue to go well. Thank you for your prayers for Pastor Gevers! Thanks be to God for his Fatherly care thus far!

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed;

save me, and I shall be saved,

for you are my praise (Jeremiah 17:14, ESV).

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  1. Matthew Heise says:

    They don’t come any better than Hugo and Jutta! I’ll sure keep them in prayer!

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