Sharing the Meaning of Christmas in the Czech Republic

Mon, Dec 11, 2017

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Pastor Charles Cortright was asked to attend an English Talk Group meeting in Olomouc, CZ, recently to discuss the traditions and meaning of Christmas. He was invited by Missionaries Freeman and Susan Rolfing to explain the theological importance of the coming of baby Jesus.

When he opened the meeting, he asked the college students to explain the meaning and traditions of a Czech Christmas to know what they understood. He found out that they were very familiar with the facts about the birth of Jesus – Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels singing, three kings, etc. They said that all the churches have a nativity scene in them and many people go to church on Christmas Eve to see it. He was dismayed to hear that Czech children get presents from the “Little Jesus” or Ježíšek. They even write letters to Ježíšek telling him what they’d like for Christmas. 

Ježíšek comes to houses during the big Christmas Eve dinner and brings the presents. Then he rings a bell before he leaves so that everyone knows he’s been there. After that time, the children go into the other room by the Christmas tree and open the presents that Little Jesus brought them. The children are taught the story of the first Christmas, but it’s turned into a fairy tale by the visit of Ježíšek bringing presents.

After the students discussed all this with him, he asked, “So what?” Why would this Christmas event of the birth of Jesus be known centuries after it happened just so children would think that he brings presents to them? Totally missing was the true importance of Christmas, the birth of our Savior from sin. He is hoping that he will be able to share the Gospel with this English Talk Group in the months ahead so that they can come to know the true importance of this Christmas season.

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