Pray for LCMS missionary teachers in September

Thu, Sep 13, 2012

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GEOs gather for prayer

GEO missionaries pray together when they can. Please keep the GEO missionaries of central Europe in your prayers this month as they teach students English and about Jesus.

The month of September brings to mind pictures of classrooms, new pencils and teachers preparing for students. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod sends GEO missionaries to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and to build relationships in their contexts. GEO missionaries are globally engaged in outreach and serve in locations around the world for terms of 1-2 years. In central Europe, GEO missionaries serving in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic teach English in Lutheran settings, such as a Lutheran school, parish or in conjunction with a mission project headed by a local Lutheran synod. While some GEOs teach year round, many headed back into the classroom this month to start another academic year of teaching English, holding Bible studies and building relationships.

Pray for the GEO teachers to be excited in their ministry.

Pray for Ryan Volkman, a GEO missionary newly arrived in the Czech Republic. Ryan shared he is “excited about this new school year because it brings in so many new opportunities to build relationships with the community and share the message of Christ.  There will be new students, new teachers, new school administrators, new places and so it is all a fresh start.  In the beginning phase, there is much prayer because I don’t know exactly how God will use me in this new environment, and so I ask Him to give the opportunity to witness.”

Pray for Alan Davis, a GEO missionary who is starting his fourth year of teaching in Slovakia, and who is “most excited about getting to know the students and creating ways in my lessons to tell them about Jesus and getting them active in their faith.”

Pray for their classrooms, the students and the relationship-building.

Pray for Melissa Karges, a GEO missionary who teaches at a Lutheran school in Hungary. Melissa works with 21 different groups every week, so peace is a big prayer request. She says, “I have some students and classes who are more challenging than others, and I want to be able to constantly overwhelm them with Jesus’ love.”

Pray for Karin Moore, who serves the Lord as a GEO missionary in Slovakia. Karin prays that she “will be able to keep the [students] interested in learning English so that I can better communicate to them about our faith in Christ, that they will bring their unchurched friends to English classes and that our feelings for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ will grow and we will become very comfortable about sharing our faith with one another.”

Pray for each GEO teacher to have an impact in their school, in their city. 

Pray for Juilana Hirsch, a deaconess serving as a GEO missionary in the Czech Republic. She shares, “it is important to be a teacher at this school, because although it is a Christian school, not all of the students know Jesus as their Savior.  It is important for the students to learn from a positive example, something I pray that I may be to them. I also think it is important to be teaching at the church, because there are more students there who don’t know about Jesus.  Through the lessons and Bible Studies I am able to share Christ and encourage others to do the same!”

Pray for Sarah Berta-Somogyi, a GEO missionary serving in Hungary. She says working at the Sandor Peterfy Lutheran Educational Center is important “because I can work together with other Christians to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who need to know Him.  I am in a unique position because many people want to practice their English, and they know that I am here as a missionary and a teacher, so that helps to open doors.  Also, because I’ve been here for four years already, people have been able to get to know me and to see that I am an honest person who really cares about them, and it’s important that this relationship-building can continue.”

Pray for Margaret Lewis, a GEO missionary who will be serving in the Czech Republic. Margaret believes “God called me to the Czech Republic and therefore it is important to listen to God’s calling. I will get to develop relationships with the students and those involved in Project MISE.” This project is in conjunction with the Silesian Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession (SCEAC). The goal is for groups of Christians to meet regularly in cities, suburbs and villages in Teschen Silesia in places where similar fellowships do not yet exist.

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