Photo Story: Pro-Life March in Berlin

Mon, Sep 26, 2011

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Hugo Gevers in Berlin

Rev. Hugo Gevers at the march in Berlin

On Saturday, September 17, Rev. Hugo Gevers, a German Lutheran pastor, led a group of Iranian and Persian Christians to a pro-life march in Berlin, Germany.

This marked the first time Gevers brought a group to the march. Gevers, based in Leipzig, has been working with Persian-speaking immigrants in Germany for about 6 years. When he was growing up and studying in South Africa, Gevers was struck by European Christians lack of response or mission to immigrants from Muslim countries. He made the decision to move to Leipzig and start his ministry to Persians. Mutual beliefs exist between Christians and those from Muslim upbringing about the pro-life versus pro-choice debate. His group received special permission to attend the march.

There were approximately 2,000 people involved in the march, which started with speeches. Gevers, whose own son has Down’s Syndrome, was one of the headline speakers. Another speaker was Gholamreza Joudi, an immigrant who has worked with Gevers.

Below are pictures of Gevers’ group at the march.

The sign reads: Children are brought into the world without their own will and are then killed without guilt.

Pro-Life March in Berlin

Pro-Life March in Berlin


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