Photo of the Week: Bible Education in Mongolia

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

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Lutheran Bible School in Mongolia

Students from the Mongolian Lutheran Bible School. Rev. Matthew Heise is in the back row.

Rev. Matthew Heise, an LCMS theological educator based in Georgia, shared this update and picture.

“I taught at the most recent session of The Lutheran Bible School in Darkhan, Mongolia. Students who have finished some form of education take one year to study the Bible through intensive classes. In Mongolia, most of the students have finished university while other students serve congregations in some capacity. There are four sessions during the course of the year. I was teaching from the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament) and this time, we made it through Exodus. My students wanted to learn more about their faith and were very attentive. In fact, a couple of times I said, ‘Let’s take a break.’ They responded, ‘No, let’s keep going!’ It has been a thorough pleasure for me to read the Bible and share with those spiritually hungry in a land where God’s Word has not been proclaimed for centuries.”

The school opened in November 2010 and is run by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) with assistance from the Finnish Lutheran Overseas Mission (FLOM).

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