Partnering to reach the Lost in Leipzig

Tue, Sep 18, 2012

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Rev. Hugo Gevers

Rev. Hugo Gevers talks outside St. Luke’s Church in Leipzig, Germany.

What do you get when you take a missionary from South Africa, an LCMS missionary and a pastor from the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany (SELK)?

You get new ministry and outreach opportunities in Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig has a rich musical history with the like s of Johann Sebastian Bach and other great composers living and working here.   This city is in eastern Germany and spent decades under communist rule.  Today only 18 percent of the more than 500,000 residents of Leipzig are Christians. Volkmarsdorf is a socio-economically depressed area of Leipzig made up of immigrants, Germans and Russian-Germans. This neighborhood is also home to St. Lukas Kirche (St. Luke’s Church). St. Luke’s is more than 100 years old and has sat empty, rarely used for decades except for concerts and music recording, but that is about to change.

Rev. Hugo Gevers, a South African missionary called to serve among the Persian immigrants in eastern Germany has opened Die Bruecke (The Bridge) in Volkmarsdorf. It is a community center designed to share the Gospel through open Bible studies and programs for children and families in the area.

Rev. Markus Fischer is pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, the only SELK congregation in Leipzig. This congregation is planning to move into St. Luke’s to provide regular worship and do outreach to the neighborhood. One-third of this small congregation are former Persian Muslims. This congregation is excited about the opportunity to witness in this neighborhood.

Rev. Dr. Christopher Ahlman has been called by the LCMS to serve alongside Rev. Gevers and Pastor Fischer. Rev. Ahlman, who holds a Doctor of Musical Arts and specializes in sacred music, will serve as assistant pastor in the SELK church plant. He and his family plan to move to Leipzig some time this year.

Together with God’s help, this international team will refurbish and reopen a classic church building, revitalize a dwindling congregation with a renewed passion for outreach and reach the neighborhood around them with the love of Christ through the Gospel.

  • See and hear more about this exciting opportunity in this short video


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