Opening Doors in Tbilisi, Georgia

Fri, Jan 25, 2013

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The Rev. Dr. George Scudieri at a conference in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Scudieri at a conference in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tbilisi, Georgia, where east meets west, where empires throughout history have coveted to control it and where the Church has endured, despite man’s attempts to constrain or even destroy it.  This culturally-diverse city of nearly two million people, most of them Eastern Orthodox, recently hosted a conference to discuss how the Church past, present and future relates to and influences current culture. The opening ceremony was attended by the Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church and the president of Georgian parliament.

Among the international presenters was LCMS pastor and former mission executive, The Rev. Dr. Robert Scudieri.  He presented on the apostolic church and also participated in a “roundtable” discussion summarizing the conference.  Pastor Scudieri’s presentation and remarks piqued the interest of the Georgian Orthodox Church’s head of mission, who sought continued discussion via the internet.

The Rev. Matthew Heise, an LCMS missionary who has lived and worked in Tbilisi for several years doing outreach and theological education, met with Pastor Scudieri, local Lutheran evangelists and a metropolitan (similar to a bishop in non-Orthodox churches) in Tbilisi. They had the opportunity to spend time discussing current issues and ideas about what mission could look like in Georgia with some local clergy.  Please pray that the relationships that were started here will continue to grow so that the message of Jesus can be shared with the people of Tbilisi, Georgia, Eurasia and the world!

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