Missionary shares about Jesus and New Year’s resolutions

Tue, Feb 14, 2012

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Sarah as a teacher

Sarah (Cusson) Berta-Somogyi is a GEO* missionary teaching English and serving in Gyor, Hungary. She shared this post.

“[In January], we had a time to talk about New Years’ resolutions. My students’ resolutions ranged from passing an English language exam to getting good grades to sleeping more and taking better care of themselves. In much the same fashion, mine included learning more Hungarian, getting enough sleep, and starting to play volleyball again. However, in our resolutions, we realized that we can’t always keep them.

“My favorite moment from this time with my classes was when one student questioned why we even make resolutions if we can’t keep them, which led to a little discussion about how we aren’t perfect people and we can’t live perfect lives. That’s why we need a Savior. That’s why we need Jesus. Believing in Jesus as our Redeemer and living in the reality that we are forgiven and loved gives us the power to keep living our lives and working towards goals.

“God has given us all different talents and abilities and the opportunities to take those and use them for His glory. I pray we may all do this in the coming year!”

Note: GEO missionaries serve in locations around the globe for one- to two-year terms.

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