Missionary and teacher Alan Davis shares his thanks with students in Slovakia

Wed, Jan 9, 2013

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Alan Davis is a GEO missionary whose job is to build relationships through English teaching in Kosice, Slovakia. 



Alan Davis shares food with student for their Thanksgiving meal. 

“My first year students are a joy to teach this year. They are new to having an American teacher, and for some this is the first time they have met an American. I have a couple of kids in the class
who have told me they don’t believe in God, and I also have some kids who love to help me with Bible studies in the morning. I really enjoy this group because of
how diverse they are. I feel very blessed to be with this class because two times a week our lessons are at the beginning of the day, which means we start with a Bible study and prayer.

“In November, we planned a Thanksgiving party to celebrate with the whole class. It was a good time to be together with everyone and to build relationships with the kids in a festive environment.
When I went to the store to buy the sliced turkey meat, I mixed up the words for “chicken” and “turkey,” so to help the lady in the deli, I folded my arms to in the shape of wings and gobbled in the store. She only laughed and confirmed to me that I was buying chicken. After being here for four years, it amazes me how this place can still be so foreign. The students enjoyed my story about buying what I thought was turkey, but was actually chicken meat!

“Seeing the kids share with each other was great experience and gave me the opportunity to share with them the things that I am thankful for. It is very humbling to stand in front of the class tell them that I am thankful for them, and for their attention. To tell them about Jesus and how he died for our sins. To express to them thankfulness for how God guides us in our lives and, called me to be a missionary in Kosice and to teach them about Jesus and English. We even discussed how sometimes being thankful is a matter of perspective, and how many times we can find many blessings in our lives. After that we went around the room and I asked them to share what they are thankful for. It was fantastic to hear so many blessings that my students have to been fortunate enough to have received in their lives. I hope and pray that this is a Thanksgiving that they will never forget.”

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