Lutheran Bible students in Mongolia excited to learn about God

Wed, Nov 21, 2012

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The Rev. Matthew Heise, missionary in Georgia and the Caucasus region, shared this post.
Lutheran Bible School, Darhan, Mongolia
Students at the Lutheran Bible School in Mongolia are eager to learn. 
“Missionary Matthew Heise began teaching a new class of students at the Mongolian Lutheran Bible School in the northern city of Darhan. The church building was a Soviet soldiers’ barracks only twenty years ago. In the tradition of Scandinavian Lutheran Bible schools, students are interested believers who take intensive courses over the course of two years. Although it must be stated that in the Mongolian variety, virtually all of the students are relatively new to the Faith. (It is of course hoped that some of the males will desire to study further in order to become pastors). Heise taught a class on the book of Genesis.

The Lutheran Bible School building in Darhan was once a barracks for Soviet soldiers. 

“In the course of the lectures, he noticed that the streets were virtually deserted one day. As he came to class, he found out that it was a new state holiday, the celebration of Genghis Khan’s birthday!  When he began to ask questions about the Khan, his students replied, “We’ve heard enough about Genghis Khan in our lives. Now we want to hear about God!” The teacher couldn’t have agreed more, and so they delved into the history of creation, the fall into sin, punishment for sin, and redemption that would come through Jesus Christ.”
  • Pray for the work of Rev. Matthew Heise as he teaches theological education in Mongolia and central Asia.
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