Hanging Out “Between the Houses”

Mon, Sep 15, 2014

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Globally Engaged in Outreach Missionary Benjamin Helge wrote this story about a recent event in Havířov-Šumbark, Czech Republic where he lives and works. Ben uses English language learning, activities and relationship building to help The Silesian Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (SECAC) with its planned church-plant in the area.

Scooter races at the Mezi Domy party.

Scooter races at the Mezi Domy party.

It seems rather strange hanging out between the houses, but among the thousands of people living in Havířov-Šumbark, Czech Republic, between the houses served as the perfect meeting place. “Mezi Domy” (literally translated as “between houses”) took place the last Saturday of August as an event for meeting the neighbors. People living in the Šumbark area were invited to join our church plant team for a motorcycle program, grill and s’more party and evening program including a family movie. Everything took place as a means to promote the club activities happening in association with the church plant process here in Šumbark. God brought roughly 100 people to hear the Gospel and meet people from the Šumbark team.

The English Talk Group provided S'mores for the Mezi Domy party.

The English Talk Group provided s’mores for the Mezi Domy party.

Housing around half of Havířov’s population, the Šumbark district contains 40,000 people living in family houses, town homes and apartment buildings. Yet among all these people, a Christian and church presence is hardly visible. The K4 clubroom and church plant began as a means to reach the people in Šumbark with the Gospel. It now runs numerous clubs, groups, and activities for neighborhood participation and interaction. Mezi Domy promoted these various gatherings for the upcoming school year.

The English Talk Group enjoys a summer picnic.

The English Talk Group enjoys a summer picnic.

My English Talk Group (ETG) works with the other clubs to bring the Gospel to students and young people in the area. Every Wednesday evening, we gather in the clubroom to speak in English about a selected theme. Each week challenges students to not only speak and think in English, but to examine something in their lives that relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our latest themes looked at new beginnings in Christ as well as setting goals, dreaming dreams and pondering how we spend our time. Between ten and twenty people participate in ETG each week with new faces coming in to experience the fun and hear about Jesus.

The English Talk Group with which Ben works outside the building where they hold their meetings.

The English Talk Group with which Ben works outside the building where they hold their meetings.

Please join me in praising and thanking God for His continued work through the people living and serving in Šumbark. May His name be glorified in every club, activity, and event that takes place.

–Benjamin Helge

  • Pray for all those who heard the Gospel through the Mezy Domi event, that they may be brought to the faith.
  • Pray for the continued work of GEO Benjamin Helge and the other church planters and workers in the Czech Republic.
  • Stay tuned to the LCMS Eurasia Facebook page to see updates on Ben’s English Talk Group through pictures.
  • Learn more about and support Ben Helge.

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