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Sun, Aug 11, 2013



This image is used by permission.

This image is used by permission.


On Sunday, August 11, 2013, the Eurasian missionaries and other personnel gathered together to begin another day of the Grace Place Retreat with Morning Prayer. After Morning Prayer, Dr. John Eckrich and Rev. Dr. David Ludwig presented more in depth on Relational Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, and Emotional Wellness.


One of the highlights of today was the discussion of two personality types that Dr. Ludwig has studied: the Painter and the Pointer. Painters process out loud with many words, details, and emotions. A Painter is usually just making one brush stroke after another, not worried about making a specific point, but just processing their thoughts and feelings. About 75% of Painters are women, but 25% are men, so it is not gender specific. Which person you are in any given relationship may also change based on the dynamics of that relationship, the tasks that are a part of that relationship, and the type of situation it is (such as job vs. friendship vs. marriage). Pointers like to systematize all of their thoughts and emotions into one main point. Generally, it is a few words long, or maybe even a grunt. It seems emotionless, but it is actually a summary of all the processes they went through, both intellectual and emotional, to arrive at that point. Painters can frustrate Pointers by not having a point. Pointers can frustrate Painters by seeming to not communicate much and by not showing emotion. To help keep the relationship in balance, Pointers need to embrace the details of the Painter and just listen while Painters need to reflect the words of the Pointer to have them explain more about their thought process. Rev. Dr. Ludwig and his wife, Kathy, demonstrated this to the delight of the group. It was a fun presentation, but also a very helpful look at how to understand the way another person might think and how best to communicate with them. This will be helpful within families, work, communities, churches, and areas of service. To learn more about Dr. Ludwig’s research, see his website www.thinkwe.com.


The participants also enjoyed a Divine Service including a Eucharist, which was sponsored by Christ Lutheran Church in Hickory, North Carolina. There was then time for more sessions, as well an opportunity to learn a stretching regiment to care for the body. There was once again some free time to spend with children, spouses, and friends in the afternoon, followed by Evening Prayer. Everyone is enjoying the chance to spend time together in God’s Word, learning more about wellness, and with the free time made available.

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