Good news from DCE David and Radka Fiala in Slovakia

Wed, Jun 2, 2010

News, Slovakia


“A few of us who lead the mothers’ group at our church decided to make care packages for moms who come to our group (about 10) and for those moms who we wanted to invite to come because they’re inactive or have not been to church since they baptized their little ones. This means that currently, there are four of us who are out and about, visiting about 40-plus other moms personally and delivering care packages! The packages included a ‘Satin Hands’ set, which was a gift from a Mary Kay lady in the United States (praise the Lord for her generosity in providing 50 of these sets), a 2010 calendar (a gift from the local church), and a monthly magazine, which just started to be published by the Lutheran Church in Slovakia and is simply a great witness (we give praise to the Lord for this initiative as well!). The magazines were also a gift from an LWML group who sends us their offerings.

“Do you see how the Lord provides for His ministries in every way? When I brought the packages for the 10 moms, they were thrilled and these gifts are an amazing ministry to them. I told them the whole story about how the packages even made it to Slovakia, our home, to the church, and then into their hands. They heard the story, and felt loved and cared about. What else could I (Radka) ask for?

“The moms love the fellowship we have when we meet in our group, and they were so thrilled about taking the packages for other moms who live in their neighborhoods and inviting them to church! They shared they have never done anything like this, and one mom, who was very hesitant about making these visits, has now become our greatest advocate and has been working so hard to get everything lined up so we can deliver these packages as soon as possible. A few days ago, she shared with me, ‘I know this is the Lord working in me-He’s calling me to do this.’ It is amazing to see their faith and allow them to take this step to go out and invite others they don’t even know. They understand the value of being there for one another.

“We waited for springtime because now it should be easier for the moms and their children to get to church. When it was cold or freezing, they didn’t have a good way of getting to church so they couldn’t come to our meetings. None of the moms who do come to our meetings drive themselves. They have to use public transportation or walk or we have to arrange for someone to pick them up.

“This is very different than what I am used to where I get in my car and go where I want to go. I now pick up one of the moms and her little boy on my way to church so they can be a part of the group. The mom can’t stop thanking me each and every time as if I were giving her gold or silver, but I know, ‘Lord, you are more precious than silver, Lord, you are more costly than gold, Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds, and nothing I desire compares to you,’ and I give thanks for His provision and His work in the hearts and lives of these women! Please pray for all of the moms who will be going out to share the love we all have for them and especially the love that Christ has shown to all of them when He died and rose again!”

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