GEO Missionary Stephanie Magee Shares about English Camps in Slovakia

Wed, Sep 21, 2011

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English Camps in Slovakia

GEO Missionary Stephanie Magee with a camper

This update was written by Stephanie Magee, GEO* missionary in Czech Republic, on assignment in Slovakia. *GEO missionaries are globally engaged in outreach and serve in locations around the globe for one- to two-year terms.

“I was recently invited to help out at the English Camp in Slovakia. There were 76 kids who attended the camp from the age of 6 to 12. I was able to teach them English by using the Bible. From the story of Adam and Eve to Jesus’ resurrection, these kids were able to hear the Good News. Not all of the children came from a Christian family. Church isn’t a big part of their lives. In fact, some have been taught that the Bible is a ‘fairy tale.’ One of the leaders at the camp told me this. She even mentioned that sometimes when she teaches them at the school, she tells her students about Jesus’ love for them. Knowing how risky it is to tell them so, she gladly continues to do so whenever there is an opportunity.

“It was an amazing experience to meet some of the leaders from Slovakia. However, the best part for me was getting to know the children. Tossing a football around or playing Twister with them were great opportunities for me to get to know them even better. It was always such a joy for me whenever a child would come up to me and tell me ‘Jesus loves you!’ or even give a hug.

“Another thing that would always put a smile on my face was hearing the children sing the songs that we learned at different times during the week. It was nice to come across two girls sitting on a bench singing, ‘He’s Alive’ (our theme song) so that all can hear them. We ended camp on a Saturday, however some children were able to come to church and sing two songs for the congregation. It was wonderful to be up in front of the church with the children singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and ‘He’s Alive’ for the congregation, so that they too can experience what camp was like for everyone—full of joy and good news.”

English Camps in Slovakia

Campers are playing games.

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