GEO Missionary Juliana Hirsch Helps in English Camps in the Czech Republic

Thu, Sep 22, 2011

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English Camp in the Czech Republic

GEO Missionary Juliana Hirsch poses with campers.

“During the summer I had the opportunity to help with four camps. Three of the camps were English camps and the other was a camp for youth that was run by a Silesian Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (SCEAV) congregation. American short-term teams* came for each English camp. It was a pleasure to partner with the American Teams, as one of the Czech team, and work together on God’s mission! My duties consisted of teaching English and helping with, games, crafts, and sports. At each camp we had a Bible story for the day. In our classes we studied the Bible story in depth. It was amazing to talk about what the passages meant to the youth. We talked about how each story applied to our lives today!

“The other camp, X-Camp, was designed for youth, but the community was invited for the evening program and to listen to the evangelism speaker. There were also workshops, seminars, and games during the day. My specific duty at this camp was to lead an English group in Bible study twice a day.

“There were many chances at the camps when the leaders or students were able to share their testimonies. I was particularly touched by one students testimony. This student was not only a student of mine at camp, but also at school. He struggles with learning difficulties and has had a rough home life. He is aware of these difficulties which cause him to get into trouble, but he also realizes that God forgives him. I believe that God worked in his life while at camp and he saw many witnesses of the leaders and his peers. His prayer was that he would stay connected with Christians and continue to live a godly life.

Youth Camp in the Czech Republic

Youth participate in activities at X-Camp

“I would say that the successes of the English camps were to get to share the gospel with non-believers and be an example for them and to be able to encourage those in the faith. I have enjoyed getting to know many new people this summer as well as my students from the school where I teach. It has been a blessing to share the love of Christ with believers and encourage them in the faith, as well as non-believers.

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