Fund Compassion receives donated medical supplies unavailable in Kyrgyzstan

Fri, Jun 22, 2012

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The baby in the woman’s lap just hours before a surgery that implanted one of the donated neurological shunts.

In December 2011, the Social Charity Fund Compassion, a charity Lutheran organization founded in Bishkek by the LCMS in 1999, received from the Integra Life Sciences Foundation,USA, 50 neurological shunts for the Neurosurgery Department of the National Center of Maternity and Childhood Protection. The project was initiated and facilitated by the Orphan Grain Train, an American Lutheran organization with which the Public Fund Compassion has been having a fruitful cooperation for years.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of these shunts for children suffering from hydrocephaly, also known as “water in the brain”. The shunts enable the children to live “normally”. The neurological shunts are neither produced nor officially imported to the Republic, where 34% of the population lives below the poverty line, which is $450 per head per year, and very few families having children sick with hydrocephaly can afford buying a shunt at the cost of $700 to $1600. In 2010, 50 shunts were also donated. These two donations fully satisfied the needs of the Kyrgyz Health Care in neurological shunts for 2 years.

The above photo is a baby who was at the Neurosurgery Department right before surgery. The baby was operated on for hydrocephaly that day and a tiny shunt was implanted to allow healthy growth and development. By God’s grace, in a few years the baby will not differ from the children in the picture on the right who had similar surgeries in the early childhood and now are staying at the hospital only for a regular check up.
  • Pray for the children who will received the neurological shunts.
  • Support the projects of the Fund Compassion in Kyrgyzstan.

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