From GEO missionary Ashley Effken in the Czech Republic

Fri, Nov 13, 2009

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“The 24 or so hours of travel in August between leaving my flat in Trinec, Czech Republic, and arriving at home in Friend, Neb., comprised one of the most interesting days of my life. I know from past experience that there are many great opportunities to talk to people about Christ during long flights. So, before my Tuesday flight, I was praying for some of these chances and that people would be open to talking with me about Jesus. It turned out that I had more chances than I could have imagined to speak with people about Christ.

“On my second flight, from Vienna, Austria, to Washington, D.C., the plane was half-full of Jehovah’s Witnesses who were returning home after their annual international convention in Vienna. I was looking for a chance to talk with a few of them during the beginning of the flight, and finally after a couple of hours, the perfect opportunity came when I took the chance to ask the woman seated behind me about her nametag (all of the people were still wearing their conference nametags). She and her husband spoke with me for about two hours, during which time I was able to explain to them clearly, with open Bible, that Jesus is our perfect atonement for sin, and that He died to reconcile them to God the Father.

“On the same flight, my seatmate and I had quite the conversation about religion. The most exciting part of talking to him was being able to show him that being a Christian isn’t about being a good person, but about confessing that we are not good, but utterly sinful. I also told him that instead of trusting in our good deeds, we trust only in Christ’s goodness to make us good.”

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