Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia shares the Gospel through organ classes and a concert

Fri, Dec 23, 2011


Darya and others at a concert in Vyborg

Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia (ELCIR) Darya Shkurlyatyeva, Irina Kozlova, Marina Kuvshinova and Yelena Baranova before their concert in Vyborg, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Darya Shkurlyatyeva, musical ministry coordinator for LCMS World Mission in Russia, presented a three-hour lecture in the Musical School for Adults in St. Petersburg on October 29. In connection with Reformation Day, Darya told the organ class students about Luther’s musical and liturgical reform. The audience of 20 people included Lutheran church organists, accountants, engineers and physicists. Most attendees are learning to play the organ in their spare time.

Darya shared with the listeners about the history of the Reformation, in particular how Martin Luther used chorales to get across to people the most important Christian truths. Darya made a special emphasis on six confessional chorales referred to as the “Catechism in Sound”: These are the Holy Ten Commands; Our Father, Who from Heav’n Above; We All Believe in One True God; To Jordan Came the Christ, Our Lord; Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior; From Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee. As she answered the listeners’ many questions, Darya referred them to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia (ELCIR) where she leads several distance education courses on the history of Lutheran music.

Praising the Lord Together!

On November 5, 2011, the Society for Studying the History of Lutheran Music headed by Darya Shkurlyatyeva helped organize an outreach concert in Vyborg in the St. Petersburg region. Its participants were musicians from the ELCIR. In his word of introduction, The Rev. Vladimir Melikiants, pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul Lutheran Church in Vyborg, told the listeners about the role of music in the Lutheran church. The concert program included works of western European composers from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The evening’s culmination was J. S. Bach’s chorale preludes from his Little Organ Book. Each was preceded by Deacon Dmitry Rozet reading from the Bible.

The concert involved a lot of preparation. During three previous months, the musicians regularly got together in Vyborg practicing and praying for one another, for the musical ministry of the ELCIR, for people coming to the concert and for the Lord opening their hearts for the Gospel. The rehearsals took place not only in Vyborg, but also in St. Petersburg.

History of Lutheran Music

Yelena Baranova, cantor at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Rzhev and Darya Shkurlyatyeva, director of the Society for Studying the History of Lutheran Music have developed a short course on the history of Lutheran music. One of the areas in which the course materials can be used in congregations is confirmation classes. The electronic version of the course is available at the website of the Theological Institute of The Church of Ingria.

  • Pray for the continued musical ministry of our sister church, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia
  • Support the ministry of the LCMS in Russia, including the concerts and lectures mentioned here.

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