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Tue, Oct 21, 2014

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This piece was written by Benjamin Helge, a Globally Engaged in Outreach Missionary (GEO) serving in Havířov-Šumbark, Czech Republic.

Roasting our S'mores over the make-shift campfire.

Roasting our S’mores over the make-shift campfire.

Gathering around a mini indoor camp fire made from candles in glass jars, marshmallows on kebab skewers, Czech chocolate ready to devour, and the closest thing to Graham crackers in Central Europe, the Havířov-Šumbark English Talk Group hosted its first special event of the school year. The theme for the evening was „America.“ While I do love S’mores, especially when your parents send legitimate marshmallows via the postal service, the evening focused around a leader’s recent trip to the United States and the stories ready to be shared.

English Talk Group (ETG) meets regularly on Wednesdays in working with a church plant in Havířov-Šumbark, Czech Repbulic. The group consists of students, graduates, and even individuals in the work field coming together to hang out, play games, do activities, all in English. In addition to our weekly meetings, our leadership team plans and cooridnates events such as movie nights, game parties, and more. The most recent evening featured our own leader, translator extraordinaire, Jitřenka.

Jitřenka giving her presentation to the group.

Jitřenka giving her presentation to the group.

While our goal is yes, to help indiviudals improve and practice their English, our prayer and vision is that all those that attend ETG hear the Gospel and come to know Jesus Christ as Lord. Every week, I am able to share the hope that I have because of what Christ has done for me. It is truly a blessing though to have others begin to share their stories and witness to our Lord. Jitřenka’s „American“ presentation for the evening showed many pictures and her experience of being challenged for 40 days in the Minnesota wilderness. Yet, more spectacular were the stories of God’s faithfulness and protection for her the entire time she was there. So, while the sugar and crazy games are a blast and helped make our „American Evening“ complete, the testimony of God’s goodness always shines brightest.

Our ETG group has become a unit, a hodgepodge of individuals, that welcomes anyone new into its midst. God continues to show His faithfulness as He brings new members to our meetings and opens ears to hear His Gospel. Join me in praying for the individuals coming to ETG, that the Spirit will continue to work in their hearts. May His name be lifted high.

–By Benjamin Helge

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2 Responses to “ETG Evenings”

  1. Sandra Rhein says:

    It’s great to hear of this wonderful mission work in the Czech Republic. Thank you for taking the time and effort to communicate with us, so that we can also be blessed. I pray that the Holy Spirit brings many to faith through your vocation.

  2. Benjamin Helge says:

    Thanks Sandra for your comment, and you are very welcome. It is always encouraging to know people are reading updates and praying for God’s mission happening around the world. God’s continued blessings on your ministry wherever it may be.

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