Easter Season in Song: Christ is Arisen (LSB 459)

The final Easter Season in Song hymn was chosen by Rev. Dr. Christopher Ahlman, who also plays the German plainchant chorale prior to each of  Bach’s Orgelbuchlein treatments of this hymn tune in alternation. The hymn tune is called, “Christ ist Erstanden.” The hymn is “Christ is Arisen” Lutheran Service Book 459.

1. Christ is arisen
From the grave’s dark prison.
So let our joy rise full and free;
Christ our comfort true will be.

2. Were Christ not arisen,
Then death were still our prison.
Now, with Him to life restored,
We praise the Father of our Lord.

3. Alleluia,
Now let our joy rise full and free;
Christ our comfort true will be.

Even as we leave the Easter season, we carry Easter joy with us. The Alleluias ring out “full and free” because of the joyous knowledge that our Lord has arisen and brought us out of death and the grave’s “dark prison.” Just because the Easter season is over, we do not lose our hope and our focus on the promise of the resurrection, both Jesus’ and our own.

In all our darkest moments, in all our hum drum day-to-day doings, in all our little victories, Christ’s resurrection and our own resurrections are realities which stay with us. In our Baptisms, we were joined to Christ’s death and resurrection, and each day we live in that dying to self and rising again. It shows forth as we serve our neighbors in our vocations. It offers comfort in times of distress. It increases our joy, and it bears witness to who we really are. No matter what life brings, we are children of God the Father who will be raised both body and soul when our Lord Jesus Christ returns, and for whom death and the grave hold no power. So let your Alleluias ring out “full and free” and echo through all the coming seasons — of life and of the church year — because Jesus has died and Jesus has risen. And He has done it all for you.

Let us Pray: Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, open our mouths to sing Alleluias in joy and in confidence and let those alleluias echo through all the aspects of our lives as we cling to Your promises so that we may be ever comforted and at last rest in You, confident in our resurrected lives. For You live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen.

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