Deaconess Juli Hirsch volunteers in Silesia

Tue, May 28, 2013

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Deaconness Juliana Hirsh works with a client at the EDEN center in the Silesia region of the Czech Republic

Deaconess Juliana Hirsch works with a client at the EDEN center in the Silesia region of the Czech Republic.

This post was shared by Juliana Hirsch, deaconess and GEO missionary serving in the Czech Republic.

“I have had a wonderful opportunity to volunteer through Selezka Diakonia, a diaconal organization in the region of Sielisia in the Czech Republic where I live and serve.  This organization’s vision and mission is, “to provide qualitative social and socio-health services, based on Christian values, for people in need.” They also strive to bring light to people in need. Selezka Diakonie was started in 1990 and now has ninety-five centers and serves more than 7,000 clients.  Their services include helping people with disabilities, helping the homeless and counseling services.

“I volunteer at a place called EDEN, which is a combination of a school, and an after-school place for mentally and physically handicapped adults. I go once a week to help out in any way I can. I often work one on one with clients who do not speak much, but who can clearly communicate in other ways. I see my role at Selezka Diaconie as preaching the Gospel by providing care and support where it is needed. It is also a good way for me to practice my Czech.

“Some of the clients have individual notebooks which they use to tell a little bit about their family, what they do on a regular basis, and their likes and dislikes. Last week I sat down with a client and I brought her notebook to her. I have spent time with this client before and I wanted to get to know her better. She willingly showed me pictures of her daily routine, family and her church. She was very excited about it!  I am glad to know that she knows about Jesus and attends church. With many clients we also play games, some of which help them with motor skills and/or counting. I can see how God has opened the door to be in relationship with these clients and supervisors. I will strive to continue to show them the love of Jesus!

“How can we incorporate acts of service in our daily lives? How can we show Jesus love to others? Why should we serve?  The greatest example of a servant is Christ.  We know that He came to this Earth not to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for us (Matt. 20: 28).  This is the greatest example of service, love and sacrifice.  Because He died and rose for our sins, we, by faith, have eternal life in Him.  Because he served, we serve and are compelled to share the amazing news of the Gospel!  May our thoughts, words, and actions reflect not only who we are in Christ, but whose we are.  May others see Christ through us and all glory be given to Him!  This is my prayer to be a servant!”

  • Pray for the continued diaconal work in the Czech Republic.
  • Support Deaconess Juliana Hirsch in her ministry!

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