Concordia University, Nebraska A Cappella choir tours through Europe

Mon, May 20, 2013

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The Concordia University Nebraska A Cappella choir sang in Alte Nikolai Church in downtown Frankfurt, Germany.

The Concordia University Nebraska A Cappella choir sang in Alte Nikolai Church in downtown Frankfurt, Germany.

One of the United States’ oldest touring Lutheran college choirs is making its way across Europe, with stops in Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.  The Concordia University, Nebraska’s A Capella Choir performed at Trinity Lutheran Church in Frankfurt, Germany on Pentecost Sunday and in various locations in Frankfurt on Pentecost Monday, a holiday in German. Check out the video below, which includes highlights of their performances and a message from Brian L. Friedrich, president of Concordia University, Nebraska.

One of their next stops is in Leipzig, a city rich in musical history. Rev. Dr. Christopher Ahlman, LCMS strategic mission developer in Leipzig and an alum of the A Capella choir shared, “Music is invaluable for evangelization first and foremost because music, like the Gospel, is sheer gift.  It is freely given to us by our God and Father, and thus it resonates, so to speak, with the nature and character of the Gospel itself and its proclamation.  Secondly, musical performance, like the Gospel, is a performative act.  It is not simply an idea, an object on which to focus our attention or consideration, or something to control, dissect, and analyze.  It acts upon you, changes you, leaves a discernable impression, and you simply aren’t quite the same after the encounter as you were before the encounter.  Thirdly, musical performance, like acts of evangelization, are momentous occasions, which is to say that they are concrete, definite events etched into one’s very being, and able to be referenced and recalled time and again.  Perhaps this last point is the most crucial for the sake of evangelization.  Music assists greatly in Gospel proclamation in that it intensifies the “moment,” and further still, becomes inseparable from the Gospel itself that is being proclaimed.”

Next week, they will travel to Prague and perform at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, where Rev. Tony Booker is pastor. Booker is an LCMS pastor and missionary. He said, “Having Concordia Seward’s A Capella choir here is a wonderful opportunity. The beautiful historic church building is tucked away in a series of winding little streets and not found very easily. Having a top-level performance like this allows us to make public that we exist and where we are. We look forward to the opportunity to follow up with several of the visitors that night which happens to coincide with a three or four country-wide Night of Churches. We have a great chance to reach more people than would otherwise be possible.”

The Concordia University’s A Cappella Choir has been performing concerts and joining congregations in worship for nearly 75 years. The 72-voice concert choir is chosen by audition each fall, and forty are chosen from that choir for the European tour. Student membership is comprised of majors from most academic disciplines representing 15 different states and some foreign country.

Follow their tour on A Cap Goes To Europe!

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