Chance Meeting Leads GEO Missionary to More Opportunities!

Fri, Mar 6, 2015

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Globally Engaged in Outreach Missionary Denise Schlesselman shares about a chance encounter in August that bore fruit this January, leading to more opportunities to invite people to hear the Gospel.

–By Denise Schlesselman

It is interesting how small meetings can lead to new opportunities. In August I attended a special service to commemorate the Karviná pastor’s 40 years in ministry.  It was the first time I had been to Karviná, so I asked for directions. The person I asked, Barbara, spoke German, and I  remembered some from school. (Danke Frau Rummel). She was going to the church too. We sat in church together that day. We have sat together a few more times and have met each other in the street. She shared a  calendar with me and we have exchanged contact information.

A picture of the Gymnázium where Denise has been able to reach out to new students through offering presentations in English.

A picture of the Gymnázium where Denise has been able to reach out to new students through offering presentations in English.

Fast forward to January. Barbara’s daughter is a student at the Gymnázium. In the Czech Republic, theGymnázium is the school which students attend after basic school if they want to go to college. Gymnázium, as well as the other two options — technical and vocational, begin around the age of 14 or 15. The student usually needs to take an entrance exam to get into the secondary schools. Compulsory  education stops at age 15, but most students continue on after basic school. The Gymnázium can either be a six or eight year school depending on what age you start.

Barbara talked with her daughter’s teacher who was interested in me speaking with some of her classes. We had had a few students from the Gymnázium show up for English Talk Group (ETG) but had not yet had a chance to actually go to the Gymnázium. As a result of this seemingly insignificant meeting, I have now been to the Gymnázium several times. I have met with Gabi, the teacher, and have plans to continue to go to theGymnázium. I have met with several different classes. I started with an introduction of myself and why I was here. Ben Helge, a missionary in Haiřov, has also come with me once. So far we have covered the introduction with several classes from the youngest in the school to the oldest ones. I was back with an older class to discuss the topic of health and the human body. It’s kind of cool to see the reactions. Although many times they are shy to talk, they do seem to enjoy hearing a native speaker. The first day I was there, for one of the classes, I could see some peering down the hallway anxious to see who this foreigner was. In all of the classes I have invited more people to ETG where they can practice English and hear the Gospel.

  • Learn more about Denise and her work in the Czech Republic.
  • Consider supporting Denise.
  • Pray for more opportunities to present at the school, and that interested students would join the English Talk Group.
  • Are you interested in serving as a GEO (1-2 years service) like Ben or Denise? Please contact Rev. Dan McMiller and David Fiala to learn more at www.BecomeAMissionary@lcms.org!

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