Eurasia Blog Wednesday Guest Devotion: A Missionary Attitude Check by Rev. Dr. Wayne Braun

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Because of what Jesus did for us, every Sunday at every Divine service we replay Isaiah’s encounter with the Lord Almighty. The first thing we do in worship is to confess our sins. We are essentially saying the same thing that Isaiah said. “Woe to me. I am ruined. For I am a man of unclean lips and I live among a people of unclean lips.”

Eurasia Blog Wednesday Devotion: Witnesses

Wed, May 11, 2016


We may not be the apostles. Our call may not be the same as theirs. But we, like them, face a world that is hostile to the Lord we confess and proclaim. We face a world that increasingly wants to shut us out and shut us down. They have no interest in hearing the witness of the holy and righteous God who died for sinners like them.

Tomas’ Story: Part 1 Problem Child

Wed, May 4, 2016


“This is the story about how God can take a little kid without any respect and how he can be saved. It is only by God’s grace.”

Eurasia Blog Wednesday Devotion: Ascended Is Not Equal to Absent

Wed, May 4, 2016


Life is such that it often feels as though the ascension of Jesus equals the absence of Jesus. We may feel that we have to stand staring into the sky waiting for Him to come back again. Our enemies still hound us from every corner. Our sinful natures lead us to hurt others. The fallen world pummels us with illnesses, natural disasters, betrayals, and more. The devil accuses us, whispering in our ears that we are never going to be good enough for a holy and righteous God, asking us if God really loves us and our dirty selves THAT MUCH.

Missionary Kendra McNatt Commissioned and Installed as DCE!

Fri, Apr 29, 2016


Please join us in giving thanks for Missionary Kendra McNatt’s commissioning, installation, transition to Career Missionary and her continued work at Trinity Lutheran Church in Frankfurt, Germany!


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